"Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage." Psalm 84:5


my stomach hurts...too much on my mind. i think i'm going to cut my coffeeshop job down from two nights a week to only one...chaos was fine for the pre- and actual holidays, but i'm in that organize or bust stage, and some things just have to go. the piles of stuff around here have got to be gone through. we need to become involved in our homeschool support group. i need to carve out time every day for excercise of the spirit and body - gravity of the earth and its frailties are taking thier toll on me. i'm thankful for chad, who desires to accompany me in these endeavors, along with a few of his own. as much as i loathe scheduling and discipline, we need a bit of it right now. resolutions, here we come...


well, hmmm...she said; i am finding; is quite picky about her general appearance, but has enough quirky nonchalance to change her mind somewhat often. most comfortable lately in deep candle lit ambience; when that particular outfit turned up missing in her closet she was bold enough to try something else that she thought might be a fun interlude while she worked on locating her fuzzy slippered garment of choice. tiring quickly of the blocky dullness and starting to feel outright silly wearing it, she went shopping. currently she's gone back to basics, determined to tuck and stitch until it fits her right...slapping on a patch here and an embroidered something there; dyeing and cutting and adding and subtracting to her glorious ideal - but then again she may drop it all and head out again in search of something completely different to suit her altered mood. you never know.