"Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage." Psalm 84:5


chad and i went on an actual date on saturday night after spending the afternoon at the annual Medishare company picnic, thanks to our wonderful new friend who insisted on babysitting (our kids are actually getting old enough to be offended by the term). we went to heidi's jazz club in cocoa beach..chad had gone around getting recommendations at work, made reservations and everything - what a guy. it was nice..great atmosphere, good food, fantastic live trio of piano, drums, and stand up bass, with a guest sax player who kept us highly entertained with his striking resemblance to al frankin. we walked to the beach after and stood on it for a minute, but it was actually getting chilly (!), so we headed home. talked for awhile with our sitter and her friend who came over to keep her company..they were such an encouragement, young women who have a passion and desire for God to work out His will in their lives. and good senses of humor to boot. we felt blessed. went to church via the internet in our living room the next morning..not what we want to do every week, but a nice option for once in a while. went to the beach again that evening - the kids played, chad tried to surf (waves weren't good), and i was in the mood to hunt for seashells. we run so much during the week now, we're really loving our weekends these days.