"Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage." Psalm 84:5


well, here we are under the great big sun a fifteen minute drive in the beach van to the ocean. (in kansas it was known in our family as 'mom's van', but since our first trek to the atlantic, it has been a sandbox with skim and boogie boards taking up the wayback, where i used to put groceries. now groceries are precariously piled around kid's feet, but i digress...)
we love the city, the surf, the 9-5, five days a week (for the most part).
we miss dreadfully our friends, our home church, our not having to think about where to turn going down to road to wherever.
we do believe that it is God's will for us to be here, so we believe in time a warm blanket of sorts will settle over us, but for now new sights, sounds, and smells will have to be enough to keep the ball in play.
i'm thinking of revamping hmmm... ...i look at sunny peachy colored flowery sandy templates and they seem somewhat appropriate, but then i think of them as a place for hmmm..., and they just doesn't fit. hmmm... just doesn't adjust very well, i suppose. it does fit like a glove in bookracks, in gray northern streets, in earthtones of green, blue, and brown, in museums, libraries, coffeeshops, in rainy saturdays curled up in a worn armchair under a knit afghan, in old hymns, in autumn. ah, something will be figured out, i'm sure.
meanwhile, we are running thought a checklist of seeming endless details...get records in order, new drivers licenses, tags, and registration; buy school supplies and uniforms for the kiddos, find a new pediatrician, CNM, podiatrist, orthodontist, family dentist; find a vehicle for C, learn our way around, get the phone company to get a regular yellow pages to us (sometimes the internet doesn't compare), ETC. There is and end to this, though, and i look forward to getting into a routine again - for our family, it's been too long.