"Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage." Psalm 84:5


life in a nutshell...i started working very, very part time at medishare, our kids got to go tubing on the indian river over labor day, lucy's sixth birthday has come and gone and jesse's ninth is just around the corner, still working my way through reading crunchy cons..very good, but somewhat dense reading, found out today i'm missing a jane austin fest with my good friends in Topeka - *boo hoo*, going into week three of two small groups here - chip ingram's effective parenting in a defective world and gary chapman's the other side of love (about anger) - both very practical and insightful, but having homework in both classes can be a lot, getting used to doing laundry in the kitchen instead of the basement (they don't have basements here), seeming to not be getting enough sleep lately, really feeling a need to learn how to type better.

also, the semiannual ccm summit is next week in cocoa beach. last year i tagged along with chad, had a mini vacation while our dear friends kept our kids in kansas. this monday we'll go to the dinner on the first night with the help of friends here who have offered to watch our kids for the evening and try to get back home not too late because they have school the next day. our frame of reference has been jolted, and while in many ways i am amazed and thankful that it's gone so well, i still sometimes just stand back and shake my head at this funky journey we're on.