"Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage." Psalm 84:5


staying up too late...i really have been better about this lately. chad and kansas went to see a friend of ours play at world cup tonight(where i will be working tomorrow night as some band i've never heard of plays), so chad's inspired, of course, and playing guitar on the futon next to me at the moment.

we leave in a week for michigan...i have so much to do, i'm almost paralyzed; deer in the headlights sort of thing. moving five people to another state for two weeks is such an undertaking. but it's for love and festivity, friends and some real snow, so it's all worth it i guess. at least i don't have to contend with major jet lag like my sis and her family, arriving from the netherlands tonight. i like to go home, i like to be where things are familiar even from my earliest memories. and then i like to come back to my current home where things are familiar now.


they probably don't make band aids for the soul because where exactly would you stick one? drugs are unwise, drink only numbs for awhile, media intake actually can make it a lot worse as far as perspective goes...prayer is the right thing but then you still have the waiting...sometimes life just hurts. (this written while jesse is making sensational hot wheel car accidents all down the stairs behind me and lucy is chanting "mom, more apple juice please" next to my leg. i wish i had time to deal with the hurts life is throwing my way right now, but then again, it's probably better this way. it would probably end up looking like an extravagant pity party for one if i had any free time, and wallowing is so unproductive. *SIGH.*)