"Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage." Psalm 84:5


planted flowers and did some yard work today...it was really nice. standing back to look at something you just made a little more beautiful has a theraputic effect, i think.
my kids are big fans of Franklin the turtle. i noticed the other day that bruce cockburn sings the little theme song before every episode...heh.


random biographic thoughts for the day - i think all cookbooks ought to be spiral bound...i don't think one can take too many pictures of their kids...i like my sugar in the raw dissolved in my espresso before adding the cold milk and ice to my latte...i'm an overly sensitive idealist with a healthy dose of women's intuition...i really want to make it to the ocean or the redwoods very soon...i hope my a/c in my little van can be fixed before july.


sometimes life feels like a salt sea breeze, bitter and sweet, sandy and clean. once in a while the record slows to a stop, there's quiet inside, and my mind is free to wander and explore. not too often, but still it happens, that i feel the smile of God on me, as if i had already learned to make my life a gift and let it be poured out for others.


so now i think that chad should find a job in colorado...i miss the air there. i've been known to miss the air in chicago though, and am awfully flighty in my onward and upward desires for drastic change sometimes...this week started out with a raging thunderstorm, but has ended on a brilliant, calm, beautiful sunset overlooking a rolling field - i say this figuratively, of course. chad and i have been missing each other on every turn lately, letting our lack of communication skills shine, and generally making life miserable for each other. i realize that as for my part, this is in large part due to the events and memories i never dealt with from my growing up years, and i'm at a point where i'm just ready to do just that. ready to let go, to move on, to grow up, to let it be. and chad is taking steps to deal with his own closet demons - and for this i am glad. here's to poking our heads out of the sand...

"in acceptance lieth peace" - amy carmichael