"Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage." Psalm 84:5


...spending the weekend in kansas city for two waterdeep shows. it's nice to spend time at the new earth with friends, a tradition that may soon be no more as we know it (or at least a much more sporadic occurrance).


rem was on sesame street again today. shiny happy monsters...heh. mike mills and stipe always can at least look like they're enjoying themselves, but peter gives the feeling that he thinks this is too silly for him.


I’m sitting on my porch step among the pots of annuals I planted yesterday and today – the sunny marigolds, the floppy old straw hat pansies, the stout and gorgeous zinnias in all their deep flaming orange glory. It is a grand evening as far as the weather goes – it is neither warm nor cool, it is that perfect mystery temperature inbetween, with a soft stroke of breeze to boot. I smell smoke – some farmer out leaning on a rake, burning his fields out in the prairies that surround our rural neighborhood.

Birds are calling to each other tree to tree – one chatters, one chirps back. All are singing in their own way, and this pure music is easy for me to feel a part of. My dark blue jeans spill over onto my light blue flip flops, the cement is hard to sit on but I don’t mind. The beginnings of sunset are light charcoal grey and soft peach, pale yellow and faint washed out blue. I can hear Lucy murmuring and singing to herself in her crib upstairs.

The grass is beginning to grow long, the chocolate mint is emerging fragrant in the perennial patch.

I wonder if it will rain tonight.
I wonder if the farmer will finish with his fields.