"Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage." Psalm 84:5


well i have not posted in quite awhile, here are some of my lame (and not so lame) excuses...
-dealing with that radical life change (relocation)
-getting a myspace page like all the other lovely swimmers and other friends
-going through two surgeries, 6 weeks apart, with long recoveries
-always thinking i ought to be writing, but rarely putting "pen to paper" to do so
-general apathy and feeling rather depressed half the time

okay, so these are all good reasons TO write something, anything..journal, whatever. ah, well.

life is still strange in this still new in a lot of ways place. having no support structure of sympathetic souls going into these surgeries/long recoveries sure has intensified the lonliness here. going to the grocery store with C and the kids tonight put things into perspective somewhat..I needed a change of scenery so badly - these four walls have a dulling effect.
in other news, we may have bought a house that hasn't been built yet. we signed a lot of papers and put down some $, but our realtor/lender/seller are still in talks over this thing..? so we'll see. i don't have my heart set on owning in this land of skinny brown palm trees, flat sandy terrain, alligators and lizards. i do, however, trust God to let us know what to do and when, open and close doors, and generally lead us around, not letting us dig ourselves too deep a hole before rescuing us.

our kids are now on summer break, and while their school experience was a mostly positive one, we have decided to return to homeschooling next year. so i am researching madly and already feeling overwhelmed at the thought of it, but something in me feels the decision is for the best, hell or highwater, for these three (and possibly me?) for the upcoming year.

otherwise, we sponsored a little boy through compassion int'l last month, became firm believers in the truth of how aspartame is absolutely harmful to your health (do a little research), enjoyed the sprawling beach and churning ocean from time to time, fought less as a married couple since the big move, watched our oldest kiddo graduate from sixth grade, eaten some really good seafood, and watched several space shuttle launches (the last one from right out our front door!).

nice to be back to my blog, where i can freely post pics of yours truly at the beach on a cloudy day, no makeup and bad hair...ahh.

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